We can carry out British Tonnage measurement for registration in any British port including the BVI, Jersey, Guernsey, and all UK mainland ports as well as Tonnage measurements for Canadian ports.

The British Tonnage, is for vessels up to 24 meters (78.9″) load line length (measure from the deck at the bow, where the deck meets the stem to the rudder post) will take about one hour on board. The Tonnage Survey is carried out by a series of measurements which are used to evaluate the internal volume of the hull and deck structure. The tonnage is used by the Port Authorities to levee harbour fees etc. The Tonnage Measurement Survey is quite different from a Condition Survey or Insurance Survey and results in our completing a “Certificate of Survey”. This Certificate is then sent to one of the Certifying Authorities who send it on to the Registry of Shipping and Seamen .

Before you request a UK Tonnage Survey, you should complete the “Application to Register a British Ship”MSF 4740 in order to confirm that the port and name you want is available. We can then carry out the survey.

The British Tonnage measurement can usually be carried out afloat, provided there is access to the hull interior throughout. In some instances you may be asked to provide plans of the vessel or, in rare cases, to haul the vessel.

BVI Tonnage is the same format as the UK tonnage but uses different forms. for the BVI tonnage, the Certificate of Survey is taken to the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) in Tortola.

Canadian Tonnage. In November 2007 Transport Canada revised the regulations TP13430 and this is available at Transport Canada. Under the new regulations, you can measure your own vessel provided it is not more than 15 meters in length and a monohull. All other boats will need to be measured by a Tonnage Measurer. The “Form 4a” is available from Transport Canada. The new regulations simplify the measurement for all vessels under 24 meters in length. The measurement now takes about one hour on board and the vessel has to be hauled for the measurement. We then retire to the computer to work out the formula. You do not get a copy of the form. We send the forms, photographs, drawings of the plan view, end and side elevations to Transport Canada as part of our professional tonnage survey. The Canadian Tonnage usually needs the vessel to be hauled.

St Vincent tonnage We have carried out tonnage measurements for the Government of St. Vincent.

Norway Tonnage We have carried out tonnage measurements for the government of Norway


Transport Canada measurement for monohull or multihull vessels up to 24 meters, US$750.00. For British Tonnage, we charge US$750.00. For work outside of the BVI or for vessels over 24 meters, please CONTACT US for a quote. (1) 284 494 2091 info@caribsurveyors.com


Please review our Survey Contract. This form can be filled out and you can print and fax (or scan and email) the contract back to us when we have agreed terms and dates etc.



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