Container Inspections

We provide inspections of damaged goods for owners and underwriters.

Deck Cargo Inspections

We specialise in the “load-on / load-off” inspections for vessels being shipped to or from the Caribbean. Typically in the spring, vessels are shipped to Europe or the USA. We provide shippers or Underwriters or owners a “load-on” inspection. This documents any existing damage and any damage caused by the loading process. In addition we photograph the lashings and the other vessels surrounding the subject vessel. In the autumn the vessels are shipped to the Caribbean from Europe and the USA and we carry out “load-off” inspections, detailing any damage from the voyage and any damage from the offloading process.

We have worked for vessels shipped by Peters & May, Seven Star, Yachtpath, Dock Express.

Our Fees

This is based on our hourly rate of US$225.00 per hour and varies with the job. Three to four hours is normal but some jobs take all day. For work outside of the BVI, or if you would like a quote, please CONTACT US.

Our Contract

Please review our Survey Contract and email or fax it back to us when we have agreed term and dates etc.