Grenada Marine Surveying


First founded at the turn of the century, Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. has spent the last two decades helping vessel owners in the British Virgin Islands and the West Indies obtain marine surveys. These surveys are used by individuals and business owners for insurance purposes, registration reasons, and more. Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. has now expanded into Grenada and is offering Grenada marine surveyors and surveys to vessel owners. Regardless of whether you own a huge cargo ship or a tiny personal boat, we can help you get your hands on the most accurate surveys in the area.

Many people who come to us for Grenada marine surveyors and surveys do so when they’re in the process of purchasing insurance for their vessels. During a survey, our professional and experienced surveyors can analyze everything from the electrical wiring and masts on your boat to the navigation mechanisms and the rigging. By doing this, we will let you know if your vessel is in compliance with local rules and regulations, and we will also provide you with the insurable value of your vessel so that you can obtain an insurance policy that will cover you fully.

Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. also offers other kinds of Grenada marine surveyors and surveys to our clients. We can do purchase surveys for clients thinking about buying a particular vessel. We can also do a survey to assess any damages that may have been done to your vessel during a storm, grounding, collision or other accident. We can do a phase-out survey before your charter vessel is taken out of commission, and we can even do tonnage surveys that will help with registration in Grenada and allow you to gain access to UK ports, Canadian ports, and more. Additionally, there are cargo surveys, osmosis surveys, and stability surveys designed to teach vessel owners more about their boats.

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