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Marine Surveyors in Tortula, British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. provides comprehensive and accurate marine surveys to assist businesses and individuals with their every need. Our professional marine and vessel surveyors in the British Virgin Islands, the West Indies and Grenada provide surveys for insurance purposes, purchasing, and more. Our experts will help you acquire and maintain comprehensive records for every purchase and event that affects your vessel, regardless of whether you are operating a charter boat, or a personal leisure craft.

Surveys conducted by professional marine and vessel surveyors are usually required when purchasing insurance for your craft in the British Virgin Islands, the West Indies, and Grenada. They’re also required for several certifications when entering certain ports. A marine survey for insurance purposes will assess the entire vessel, including all interior and exterior components, electrical wiring, navigation mechanisms, masts, rigging, and more. The survey will ensure your vessel is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations and identify any areas that may be faulty. This guarantees the vessel is fit to go to sea and gives the vessel an accurate insurable value.

A purchase survey from us is similar, but it takes place before you buy a vessel. Meanwhile, a phase-out survey completes a ship’s history as a charter vessel, and if a storm occurs or your vessel has been vandalized, grounded, dismasted or other accident, a damage survey will assess damages done to it and assign monetary losses for insurance purposes. Tonnage surveys also come in handy and are measurements required for registration in many areas, including the British Virgin Islands, the West Indies, and Grenada as well as all UK ports, Canadian ports, and others. Lastly, cargo surveys are conducted when obtaining insurance on items you are carrying so that you can be reimbursed if they are damaged.

Give Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. a call at (284) 346-1576 today to schedule a survey with our marine and vessel surveyors in the British Virgin Islands, West Indies, or Grenada. William Bailey SAMS AMS 461 is the Principal Surveyor.