Welcome to Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd

located in the beautiful British Virgin Islands

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“Who hath desired the sea? Her excellent loneliness rather than the fore-courts of kings” (The Sea and the Hills, Rudyard Kipling.)

We live in the British Virgin Islands, the “Yachting Capital of the World”. The safety of your boat is our prime focus and is as important as your home.  No boat is perfect and is as prone to failure as anything else is. Luckily, Caribbean Marine Surveyors has your safety covered whether you want to sail around the islands or around the world.

Our specialists conduct inspections, surveys and examinations of sail, motor yachts and catamarans. This allows us to assess, monitor and report on the current condition and safety of each vessel. Marine surveys (often called “Condition and Evaluation”) are necessary for most insurance companies, usually every three years. Surveys are highly recommended for the purchase of a new or used boat. Damage surveys often follow a marine accident.  By utilizing us as your marine surveyor in the British Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean, you can expect accurate and professionally executed marine surveys. We have the reputation as being the “Best Surveyors in the Caribbean”.

Types of Marine Surveys:

  • Insurance Surveys – The marine surveyor inspects bulkheads, hull fittings, steering, navigation equipment, engine, electrical installation, mast and rigging aloft and alow and all other parts of a vessel to verify its compliance with boating guidelines and applicable laws. The report will detail the vessel including identification numbers, and any defects, which may affect insurance coverage. The survey report will also place a valuation on the vessel.
  • Purchase Surveys – We provide accurate and unbiased marine surveys to potential buyers. This warrants you are investing in a vessel without a safety risk and enables you to obtain marine insurance. Ultra sound thickness gauging can be carried out on steel or aluminum vessels.
  • Phase-Out Surveys– We like to conduct these surveys after a charter company has completed the work on a vessel after it has finished its last charter.
  • Tonnage Surveys – These are measurement surveys, quite different from any other survey and result in the production of a “Certificate of Survey”. We are approved to produce a Certificate of Survey necessary for registration in Canada, the British Virgin Islands, UK mainland ports and UK offshore registrations such as Jersey.
  • Cargo Surveys – Caribbean Marine Surveyors can provide inspections of damaged goods for owners and underwriters.
  • Damage surveysWe carry out damage inspections for Insurance Underwriters worldwide. We provide a Loss Adjusting Service and are Certified by the B.V.I. Financial Services Commission as Loss Adjusters. We know of no other Loss Adjusters in the Caribbean.

There is no requirement for marine surveyors to carry insurance, yet all of our professional marine surveyors are insured to a maximum liability of EUR5,000,000.00 in certain cases.

There is no requirement for marine surveyors to be a members of any organization. Our surveyors are in the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI),  MECAL, International Association of Arson Investigators (IAMI). Caribbean Marine Surveyors is also a member of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).

As qualified marine surveyors, we abide by the code of ethics and rules of practice from the member organizations.  The standards of these organizations ensure our clients of our independence, integrity and objectivity when conducting marine surveys.  We have earned our reputation for being thorough by our concern for your safety, and the safety of your passengers and crew.

Since 1995, we have been servicing the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean in order to ensure maritime safety and pleasure. That history has landed us with the experience to help anyone boating in or on the waters. That said, we take pride in our work.

For more information on our marine surveys, contact Caribbean Marine Surveyors today.