Hurricane Irma Marine Surveying


Was your cargo ship, charter boat or personal leisure craft affected by Hurricane Irma? If so, it’s important for you to take advantage of the Irma marine inspection services we offer at Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. Our experienced marine and vessel surveys can offer you a boat inspection in the British Virgin Islands and take a closer look at your boat to ensure that it’s seaworthy. Even if your boat doesn’t look like it sustained damage, you never know what kind of problems could be hiding underneath the surface. By having the team at Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd. inspect your boat, you can rest easy knowing your vessel is safe.

We also recommend having a Hurricane Irma marine inspection conducted on any boat that you are thinking about buying. In a post- Irma world, many boat owners are flocking to sell their boats without doing the necessary repairs to them. Our comprehensive inspections will guarantee that you are getting a boat that’s in good condition, rather than a boat that’s only going to give you problems in the future.

In addition to checking for damage in a boat that you own or are thinking about buying, we can offer Irma marine inspection services for insurance purposes as well. Before your insurance company will approve repairs to your vessel, you’ll need to have a survey done to verify its condition. During a boat inspection, we will inspect all the interior and exterior components of your boat—including electrical work, navigational tools, masts and more—and provide you with a full report at the end.

If you need a boat survey completed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Give Caribbean Marine Surveyors a call at (284) 346-1576 today.

If you were interested in buying a damaged vessel, please follow this link to a separate website with details of boats available.